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Steel remains an invaluable material because of its strengths and versatility. However, steel is also vulnerable and prone to attacks from environmental conditions such as humidity, air contaminants, and salts. Steel coatings help protect steel and its structure from deterioration by creating an impenetrable barrier for corrosion. There’s a wide range of industrial coatings that can be used to protect your asset, heighten its benefits, minimize its vulnerabilities, and keep your structures thriving for years to come. Citrus Sandblast has the facility and experienced team to properly prep and prime structural steel before it gets erected, saving time and money.


Concrete provides a strong foundation that supports everything around it, which means it endures heavy traffic, abrasive chemicals, and excessive moisture. Such an instrumental material certainly requires a durable layer of protection.  Concrete coating systems can protect concrete from wear and tear, and provide resistance to chemical attacks, extending its life expectancy. Applying concrete coatings begins with evaluating your environment and needs to protect your concrete with a custom solution.

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