Citrus Sandblast specializes in high-quality abrasive blasting and refinishing services for a variety of needs including commercial, municipal and heavy industrial. Located just minutes west of Downtown Orlando, our facilities feature a 2 acre yard, 5,000 SF warehouse with an additional 2,500 SF dedicated blast booth. With our in-house capabilities including sandblasting, water blasting, industrial painting, and powder coating, we provide a one-stop solution for your project.

With a wide range of surface preparation and coating techniques, our services are methodically tailored to each job to improve the appearance and extend the life of your asset. The industry is complex, and we understand that no two jobs are alike. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best proper coating system to achieve your desired results. Whether its handrail, small or large diameter piping, oversized steel, metal structures, tanks, or buildings, call us today to learn how we can be of service.


When it comes to asset protection, the use of a proper surface preparation and coating system is essential. We can use the best paint on the market, but if used in the wrong environment, the coating could fail within days or even minutes. Well thought out surface preparation and coating systems can withstand the harshest environments for many years. Our team of certified coating inspectors and applicators will work with you to determine the best solution for your project.



Citrus Sandblast Sandblasting ServicesCitrus Sandblast Sandblasting ServicesCitrus Sandblast Sandblasting Services

Surface preparation is one of the most important factors in performance of industrial coatings. The purpose is multi-faceted: to clean the surface and to provide a profile (texture) for good adhesion of the coating. Surface preparation methods can include sandblasting, vapor (dustless) blasting, solvent cleaning, pressure washing, hand tool and power tool cleaning – we do them all. Our 2 acre facility allows us to service projects in all sizes from oversized steel and tanks to patio furniture, handrail and more

Professional coating protects your assets from the weathering and conditions it’s exposed to in the industrial environments we’re all familiar with. It also restores your equipment to its high-value appearance. At Citrus Sandblast Orlando, we look at coating from this double benefit perspective. It’s how we ensure our customers get the most value from their investment. We’ll work with you to identify the best solution that balances the severity of the environment, surface preparation method, desired appearance, and the intended life of the coating.

Your stationary assets endure constant weathering, but you don’t have to leave them to their own devices. With a full inventory of professional equipment ready to mobilize, Citrus Sandblast can keep you operating.


We are dedicated to providing our team with continuing education, which gives us the confidence that we can offer our clients the best possible solution to their surface preparation and coating needs. Our team of professionals regularly attends seminars and conventions and holds certifications to ensure that we are at the leading edge of the coatings industry. We look forward to showcasing our knowledge and skill set, should we be given the opportunity to submit our proposal for your next project.


By consistently demonstrating our expertise and reliability, we have developed lasting relationships with our clients throughout the State of Florida.

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