Citrus Sandblast is a State of Florida certified Women-Owned Business offering quality services in abrasive blasting and industrial coatings. With over a decade of experience restoring various municipal and industrial structures, Citrus Sandblast takes you in good hands.

The process of sandblasting is unmatched by any tool as it provides a surface profile that is needed for proper adhesion of the new coating. Whether it be new metal or a substrate with coating on it already, abrasive blasting is the best surface preparation method. This can also be achieved with dustless blasting methods, often referred to as vapor or wet blasting.


Citrus Sandblast offers high quality abrasive blasting and refinishing services for a variety of needs including commercial, municipal and heavy industrial. We specialize in water and wastewater refurbishment, but have experience well beyond that. Check out our Gallery for examples of our work.

With an inventory of the various equipment used in this field such as air compressors, air dryers, conventional spray, airless spray, mortar pumps, pressure washers, dustless blasting equipment, fork lifts, boom lifts, containment, and dust collection equipment, Citrus Sandblast is ready to take on any sized job with competitive pricing and quick turnaround.


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