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Powder Coating: The 101

Our powder coating services are designed to provide our customers with a beautiful, high-quality finish along with excellent durability. How is this achieved? First, let’s examine the method of powder coating and a few of its benefits.

What Is Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing method. The powder coating process begins with applying dry powder to a metal substrate through an electrostatic process. A specialized gun positively charges the dry powder, allowing the ions to attract themselves to a grounded, negatively charged metal surface. Once the powder is applied, a large oven cures the powder using heat. Parts are immediately ready for use, once removed from the oven. A quick cure time is just one benefit to our powder coating services. In contrast, wet spray painting requires a much longer cure time, from several hours to several days.

The powder is applied. It melts and flows onto the substrate under heat. Then, the coating is fully cured.

Common Applications

Variety of Finishes

Powder coating comes in a variety of finishes. There are nearly unlimited options to achieve a vast array of different appearances. The finish options include colors, textures, and sheens.

Solid tone powder in a single color, single shade with no texture

Typically a fine sandpaper-like finish

A fine, textured, crackled appearance

Solid-tone powder with an added metal flake for shimmer and sparkle

A dimpled, smooth finish

A two-tone smooth finish with broad dimples

Typically applied as a second coat to achieve a higher gloss level

Illusions, Candies, Shimmers, Fluorescents, Pearls, Translucent, Anodized

Powder Coating Services

If you’re looking for a beautiful, yet dependable coating, Citrus Sandblast’s professional powder coating services can be a great option. Without a doubt, powder coating is a preferred choice for a large variety of projects worldwide. Still, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right company for your powder coating needs. For instance, what sized oven accommodates the size of your parts? Are the parts primarily being used inside or outdoors? These are questions that a professional powder coating service will likely ask you when quoting your project.

Our Capabilities

Citrus Sandblast’s powder coating services are unmatched by our local competition for many reasons. Our oven stretches 30 feet in length, allowing us to quickly accommodate batches of small parts to powder coating those larger parts that would normally require wet spray painting. We commonly service many different industries, such as residential, commercial, medical, agricultural, automotive, architectural, and heavy industrial.

Powder Coating Steel

Steel is naturally strong and durable. Powder coating services are great for steel, as they add an extra layer of durability while also enhancing it aesthetically. It is important to note the significance of proper surface preparation before powder coating. Often, the best method for prepping steel is abrasive blasting, which creates a clean and anchored profile for the powder to adhere to. Thus, the tight seal acts as a barrier to moisture and contaminants, so your assets can withstand their environment for many years.

Aluminum Powder Coating

Just like steel, powder-coated aluminum is incredibly tough and can withstand contaminants and moisture in the environment for many years. Our powder coating service for aluminum provides our customers with solutions to almost any project. Nearly endless options of colors, textures, and sheens provide the ability to restore aluminum to its original appearance or opt for an entirely new look.

Powder Coating Types

Powder coating types vary in level of durability, UV resistance, and other important functional characteristics. A professional powder coating service applicator will be knowledgeable about which type of powder is most suitable for your particular project. Just like wet applied coatings, powder comes in various types such zincs, primers, enamels, epoxies, polyesters, fluoropolymers, urethanes, and more. Each type has its own set of characteristics and recommended uses. These functional characteristics can include corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact and mar resistance, heat and UV resistance.

Masking & Plugging

Often, a part may contain an area that should not be coated. These areas could be threaded holes or fittings where a layer of coating could ultimately interfere with the part’s functionality. A few techniques and materials will prevent the powder from reaching those areas. Because the curing temperature typically reaches 400 degrees or higher, we must use materials that are rated for high temperatures. It is important to inform your powder coater which, if any, specific areas need to remain free of powder to ensure you are satisfied with your powder coating service.

Powder Coating vs. Wet Spray Painting

The choice between painting vs. powder coating should be based on a variety of factors. Ultimately, both painting and powder coating can provide a smooth, durable, and beautiful finish on a variety of surfaces. Still not sure which direction you should take with your project? Speak with our experts for a unique solution to meet your goals.

More About Powder Coating

It is easy to see why powder coating is a popular choice across many industries including automotive, marine, construction, architecture, and residential. However, powder coating has some limitations. It can be applied to metals such as wrought iron, aluminum, and steel, as long as it can withstand high temperatures 400°+ Fahrenheit without losing its integrity. This also means non-metal accessories such as plastic or rubber must be removed from the metal beforehand. For example, tires must be dismounted from rims before sandblasting and powder coating. Potential problematic substrates are chrome, galvanized, and cast parts, often leading to out-gassing. Also, a limitation of powder coating arises for larger items that are not compatible with the oven size. With Citrus Sandblast’s oven stretching 30 linear feet, large pieces can easily be accommodated.

Why Choose Citrus Sandblast?

Citrus Sandblast’s powder coating services are unmatched. Our facility, 10’x10’x30′ oven, experienced team, and proven results set us apart from our local competition. We service customers in any industry with parts of various sizes such as home and garden, auto and marine parts, structural steel, decorative aluminum, and more. We also source our powder from the premier powder coating manufacturers and stay on top of the latest innovations, trends, and ratings to ensure our customers are getting the best coating for their projects.

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