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About Us

Our History

Beginning in 2016, Citrus Sandblast began offering mobile surface preparation and refinishing services to private and public sector projects. For 5 years, our team traveled across the South East from Key West, Florida to North Carolina, refinishing elevated water storage tanks, ground storage tanks, water and wastewater piping, pedestrian bridges, aerial crossings, structural steel, and more. By consistently demonstrating our expertise and reliability, we have developed lasting relationships with many clients. We are very proud to have serviced customers such as Starbucks, The U.S. Navy, and Rosen Hotels & Resorts, to name a few.

Our Facility

In 2021, we expanded to our present capacity as a full-service surface preparation and refinishing company with the purchase of a facility just west of downtown Orlando, Florida.

Our 2-acre facility allows us to service projects in all shapes and sizes from sandblasting, wet spray painting, and powder coating. For larger loads, our facility provides easy enter and exit access for tractor trailers/semis. Our powder coating oven can accommodate parts up to 10′ wide by 10′ high by 30′ long.

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Our People

We operate with a small but highly skilled team. This ensures that we are providing consistent high quality service to our customers. We are dedicated to providing our team with continuing education, which gives us the confidence that we can offer our clients the best possible solution to their surface preparation and coating needs. Our licensed and insured professionals have decades of experience in the industry, and they each hold a unique set of certifications.