About Us

From the beginning we have maintained focus on providing the highest-quality services to our clients.

How it started

We started in 2016 as a mobile sandblasting and painting business, servicing customers from Key West to North Carolina. Since then, we have expanded to our present capacity as a full-service surface preparation and refinishing company with a footprint in the heart of Orlando, Florida. By consistently demonstrating our expertise and reliability, we have developed lasting relationships with many clients throughout the State of Florida.

We are dedicated to providing our team with continuing education, which gives us the confidence that we can offer our clients the best possible solution to their surface preparation and coating needs. Our licensed and insured professionals have decades of experience in the industry, and they each hold a unique set of certifications.

The professional coatings industry is evolving, and most recently the two leading coatings organizations (SSPC and NACE) have merged to create AMPP – The Association for Materials Protection and Performance. AMPP represents the largest global community of corrosion and protective coatings professionals. Our team maintains membership with AMPP and regularly attend seminars and tradeshows to enhance their knowledge and ensure that our services are at the leading edge of the coatings industry. We look forward to showcasing our capabilities, should we be given the opportunity to submit our proposal for your next project.

Why Choose Us?

Fully Insured
Servicing the State of Florida
Experienced Team of Professionals
AMPP Membership

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