Sandblasting Services

and other surface preparation methods

A Comprehensive Look At Surface Preparation

Surface preparation refers to the method of treating steel and other substrates before they are painted, coated, or lined. Rust removal is necessary before applying a fresh coat of paint. Beyond rust, there are many other surface contaminants that will prevent the proper adhesion of a new coating. These surface contaminants include mill scale, grease and oil, dirt and dust, soluble salts, and loose, cracked, or peeling paint. Failure to properly remove surface contaminants can lead to premature coating failure and early deterioration of the substrate itself.

Sandblasting Services

Surface preparation techniques also may provide a texture on the surface, creating an anchor profile for the new coating to adhere to. This is another way proper surface preparation can ensure a long-lasting protection of the metal and its coating. At Citrus Sandblast, we understand that a coating’s performance relies on the way in which the surface is prepared beforehand. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your surface preparation needs.

Abrasive Media

When deciding which abrasive to use for surface preparation, we consider many factors. These factors may include material hardness, weight, cutting speed, the amount of product needed, the availability of gradations, and more. At Citrus Sandblast, our experienced sandblasting professionals have the understanding and expertise to suggest the correct media for your job.

Sandblasting Service

Surface Preparation Methods

Citrus Sandblast performs a variety of surface preparation methods, such as Abrasive Blasting, Vapor Blasting, Chemical Stripping, Pressure Washing, Acid Washing, Phosphate Application, Hand & Power Tool Cleaning. Each technique is used to achieve various desired results on different substrates.

Abrasive Blasting (Sandblasting)

The most effective method of surface preparation is abrasive blasting, most often referred to as sandblasting. Abrasive blasting is the process of propelling media at high pressure to strip away rust and paint from the surface. The term “abrasive” covers the wide range of various medias that can be used.

Vapor (Dustless) Blasting

Sandblasting has evolved with modern methods and techniques. Dustless blasting, also known as vapor blasting is a surface preparation technique that mixes water, passivator, air, and abrasive. The use of water helps eliminate the amount of dust, making it a more eco-friendly method. Citrus Sandblast offers vapor blasting services throughout Florida in our shop and in the field.

Shop Work In Any Size

Citrus Sandblast has the largest blast yard in Orlando and the ability to handle large, oversized steel and aluminum. We service all industries with a need for surface preparation, and we perform a variety of surface preparation techniques.

Sandblasting Service

Mobile Sandblasting Services

Citrus Sandblast offers mobile surface preparation services throughout the state of Florida. Your stationary assets endure constant weathering, but you don’t have to leave them to their own devices. These projects often require containment, dust collection, and traffic control. Citrus Sandblast has the experience and equipment to implement the proper systems for each job.

Concrete Repair Services

Concrete is an inorganic material often exposed to weathering and water penetration. This can cause rebar to corrode and expand, threatening the structural integrity of the concrete. Citrus Sandblast has extensive experience in on-site concrete crack repair, cold joint repair, injection, caulking and coating.

Steel Refinishing Services

A proper coating will extend the integrity and life of steel by protecting it against adverse conditions. Citrus Sandblast offers shop and mobile services for finishing steel. Our experience includes pedestrian bridges, aerial crossings, silos, heavy equipment, barges, pavilions, and other structural steel.

Water Systems Refinishing

Water and wastewater systems are exposed to the harsh conditions every day. Our team has experience in refinishing ground storage tanks, elevated tanks, clarifiers, secondary containment, lift stations, water treatment plant piping, and more.

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